Purchase of 12 geriatric chairs:
(plus 5 for the emergency)

  • Allows patients to be out of bed.
  • Safer.
  • More comfortable.
  • Meet safety standards.

Purchase of 3 personalized mattress tops in memory foam:

  • Allows palliative care patients to be more comfortable.
  • Prevents bed sores.
  • Quick to obtain and fast installation.

Purchase of 2 coccyx release cushions:

  • For patients with colon cancer.
  • Offer comfort.
  • More stable than airbags.

Purchase of 4 sound pads:

  • Warns staff when a patient who is at risk of falling gets up.

Purchase of 2 floor mats:

  • Removes restraints from people at risk of falling.
  • More comfortable for a patient without any restraints.
  • Avoids injuries in the event of a fall.
  • Reassures the families.

Implementation of the “Touch Quilt” program:

  • Co-ordinated by the Foundation.
  • Small quilt-type blankets.
  • Created by the Lachute Farmers’ Circle.
  • Pieces of fabric are donated by the Atelier Tricycle.
  • Different colours and textures.
  • Ribbons, buttons, zippers, etc…
  • For users with loss of cognitive skills (Alzheimer’s, dementia).
  • Offers comfort, insurance and security.
  • Stimulates the touch and can awaken clients’ memory.

video available only in french