Modernization of equipment:

Purchase of a Mini C-Arm (fluoroscopy)

  • Used for hands, wrists, ankles and collarbones surgeries.
  • With this purchase, more than 400 to 600 surgeries are done each year at our Hospital.
  • Additional pieces of equipment were also added to the Mini C-Arm in order to enhance its performance.

We have until March 2024 to fund the entire device ($292 000).

Purchase of a colonoscope

  • Allows for better screening and therefore reducing the risk of colon cancer
  • Helps reduce the wear of the other colonoscopy instruments.
  • Purchase possible thanks to the Auxiliary volunteers’ donation.

Purchase of a pediatric colonoscope

  • Allows more precise endoscopic exams, as much on children as on adults.
  • It prevents the population from having to travel elsewhere for this kind of exam.

Purchase of 2-position support

  • Provides more precise positioning of the upper limbs during surgery.
  • Post-surgery recovery is less painful for the patient.
  • Precision of the intervention allows it to be performed quicker.
  • Promotes better access to the surgical tray, which increases the number of surgeries.

Purchase of a Sentinel Lymph Node Device

  • Has made breast surgery available at the hospital since July 2018.
  • Allows the population better access to care in close proximity to their residence.

video available only in french

video available only in french