Renewal of medical imagery equipment:

Purchase of 2 ultrasound scanners

  • “NEW” Cardiac module
  • Musculoskeletal exams, renal and hepatic doppler ultrasound procedures
  • “NEW” Improved resolution
  • Better detection and characterization of findings to help with diagnosis

video available only in french

Purchase of a CT scanner

  • Faster, more efficient, less radiation
  • Requires 30% less iodine than before
  • The waiting list has dropped from 6 months to 0 days
  • “State-of-the-art” resolution
  • Better detection of stroke and other organic lesions

video available only in french

Purchase of a radiofluoroscope

  • “NEW” Swallowing and esophagus examination
  • “NEW” Meals and barium enemas
  • “NEW” Joint infiltrations (column, etc.)
  • X-rays: more effective, faster with less radiation, able to see more patients

Purchase of remote reading software

  • Allows radiologists to read exams from anywhere in CISSS
  • Reading update of 2,500 pending cases
  • Availability of the report for the attending physician increased from 188 days to 0 days

video available only in french