Perinatal and early childhood:

  • Purchase of a baby’s bath tub to teach future mothers-to-be how to bathe their infant.
  • Purchase of scales to verify that the weight gain of newborns at home is adequate.
  • Allows for good monitoring of babies’ health.
  • Purchase of tubing for breast pumps.
  • Breast pumps are loaned out and new tubing is required for each single usage.
  • Help mothers maintain breastfeeding for children in vulnerable situations.

0-18 year old youth in difficulty:

  • Purchase of a laptop and camera.
  • Implement a relationship intervention program so that parents are better equipped to respond to their children’s unique needs.
  • Focused on 0-5 year old clients.
  • Used in situations where children are at high risk of neglect.
  • Ensure to work on fragile areas of a relationship in a concrete, effective way.
  • Promote the establishment of a secure attachment bond for the child.

Intellectual Disabilities (ID), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Physical Disabilities (PD):

  • Integration of children diagnosed with ID, ASD or DP at Lachute Day Camp.
  • Allow for development of their social skills in an environment and framework that meets their needs.
  • Youth development within their community.
  • Maintain the precarious family balancing act during summer holidays.

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