Our involvement at the CHSLD :

Purchase of a bladder/abdominal ultrasound machine:

  • Allows to analyze the abdomen’s organs: liver, gallbladder, kidneys, pancreas, spleen and aorta.
  • Costs $15,000.

video available only in french

Purchase of twenty electric beds:

  • More comfortable, safer beds for users.
  • More autonomy for patients, which allows more time for nurses and attendants to care for others.
  • Integrated scale which means less risk for the patient as the patient no longer needs to be transported to be weighed on a scale.
  • Option to lower beds close to the ground, thus avoiding injuries from falls.

Purchase of a bariatric stretcher:

  • For obese clients who cannot be transported safely with regular equipment.
  • Allows safe transportation to other hospital services (eg. medical imagery, emergency, etc.).

video available only in french