We purchased an ezCUT equipment at a cost of $15,000 for the hospital pharmacy. The ezCUT is an automatic piece of equipment to cut and count the pills allowing more precision, rapidity and efficiency.

Work completed to upgrade sterile premises

  • Installation of a HEPA filter.
  • Addition of an air intake for the 3 locations.
  • Addition of a “blower” to the heat pump which is now dedicated to sterile premises.
    Installation of air pressure monitors.
  • Can now complete sterile preparation of antibiotics and parenteral nutrition.
  • Greater stability of drugs which allows for longer shelf life.
  • Financial savings on drugs by using large format vials.
  • Packaging of antibiotics and various sterile preparations by the pharmacy alleviates the work previously done by nurses and allows them to spend more time with patients.
  • Centralized Solute Addition Service (CSAS) is now available 7 days per week.