Our objective

Funds raised - $292,000 100%


A while ago, the orthopedic surgeons practicing at the Lachute Hospital suggested we purchase a Mini C-Arm which is an introspective imaging machine that would allow us to perform more surgeries in Lachute. This equipment significantly increase the number of outpatient surgeries on hands, wrists, ankles and collarbones in our hospital. With this purchase, more than 400 to 600 surgeries are done each year.

So this Mini C-Arm was purchased and is in operation since September 2019. In December 2020, additional pieces of equipment worth approximately $88,000 were added in order to enhance its performance such as arthroscopic instruments needed on orthopedic surgeries. However, we have until March 2024 to finance its total cost of $292,000.

We have so far accumulated $145,000 thanks to a few generous partners. We still need a bit more than half of the original amount which is why we are turning to you, our generous donors. We need your support.

Since acquiring this imaging equipment, our surgical department has been cost effective and more importantly these patients from the greater surrounding area come to Lachute for these precise surgeries. Maintaining the need and popularity of our small hospital is most definitely an invaluable asset for all of us. The entire Argenteuil community benefits.

Thank you to our partners